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Children Book Emma’s Birthday: Learning to Be Gracious

Children Book Emma’s Birthday: Learning to Be Gracious 

Clarence Thomas once said that “good manners will open doors that the best education cannot”. These words speak volumes, as in today’s diverse and ever-changing society we as individuals are evaluated not only based on what we know, but on how we regard the feelings of others.

As parents we tend to more focus on our child’s academic /physical skill set, and in turn neglect very important emotionally based skills. These skills will not only improve your child’s ability to foster long lasting relationships with their peers, but will enable them to see the world from an angle which inevitably forges your child into a moral upstanding adult.

Lessons for life are usually taught using the most simple of occurrences within the human experience, and this book focuses on how your child should react when receiving a gift they do not appreciate.

“Emma’s Birthday – Learning to Be Gracious” is entertaining, easy to read and instills a narrative which promotes the correct way for a child (or adult) to respond to the situation above. We can all learn a lot from Emma, and I look forward to sharing her story with you.

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A Book of Dog Breeds For Children: They’re All Dogs

A Book of Dog Breeds For Children They're All Dogs by Amber Richards

A Book of Dog Breeds For Children They’re All Dogs

This is an e-book for young children introducing them to the idea of different dog breeds.  I found when teaching very young children about dogs; they seemed to be confused when taught (for example) that a poodle was a dog, then seeing a Chihuahua that it was a dog as well.
This is an educational, yet fun book for parents to read to young children, or for early readers.  It can also be a way to teach about dogs for children that might be afraid of them, in a safe, nurturing way.
The book contains photographs of 18 different dog breeds, some common, some unusual.  It also contains some exercises for parents and children to do together that can foster fun, giggles, and bonding time.
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