Welcome to Books by Author Amber Richards

Hello, Welcome To Books By Author Amber Richards

I’d like to welcome you to my site of ebooks written by author Amber Richards.  As an author, my goal is to write and share my ebooks in an engaging and warm way.  Some of my titles are childrens’ books and others relate to mostly home and family topics.

Born in the lush and beautiful state of Washington, author Amber Richards has always been surrounded by inspiration. She has been writing and creating for as long as she can remember and today still calls the Pacific Northwest home.

Amber’s books span a multitude of topics, but all have one thing in common. Her love of nature, children and family are the basis of each, and her passion is apparent on every page. Most recently she has added watercolor artist to her catalogue of talents, and needs only to gaze out her window for daily motivation.

When Amber isn’t breathing life into a new book or painting, she is surrounded by a loving family. She is the proud mother of two children and enjoys every moment she spends with her five grandchildren.

If you don’t own an ebook reading device, Amazon has a free app to be able to read ebooks on either your smartphone, Mac or Windows PC.   The download for this free app is on the page of any ebook.  Most of my books are available as audio books, and I’m in the process of making them available as physical books as well.

Many of my books are also available in audio and print versions, as well as several other languages as well.


Amber Richards

Here are links to my books for further information (you can also visit archives pages as well).

How to Set Up Photography Lighting for a Home Studio

County Fair Blue Ribbon Winning Cookbook: Main Dish, Casserole, & Vegetable Recipes

A Gardening Guide For Organic Soil Building: Methods to Obtain Healthy Garden Soil

The Picnic Book for Family or Romance: Create Memorable Times Outdoors Plus Favorite Picnic Food Recipes

Start A Home Cleaning Business Book

A Child’s Book of Dog Body Language with Pictures: Help Keep Children Safe

Dairy Free & Gluten Free Foods: 40 Delicious Recipes for Your Health

Amazing Lemonade Recipes To Thirst For! A Cookbook to Unleash the Powerful Health Benefits of Lemons to Your Diet in a Refreshing Way

The World Is My Drum Children’s Book

Pest Control for Organic Gardening: Natural Methods for Pest and Disease Control Book

Grandpa Went to Heaven

Aquaponics At Home: Growing Fish & Vegetables

Shapes & Colors For Children: Including Hexagon Pentagon Octagon

Legend of Loch Ness Monster for Kids: A Mystery in the United Kingdom

Make Your Own Essential Oils from Raw Plants: Using Oils & Herbs for Optimum Health

Preserve Your Family Pictures: How To Save Photo Heirlooms for Future Generations

Alabama – Travelogue by State: Experience Both the Ordinary and Obscure (Exploring America Series)

How to Make A Great Soy Jar Candle: Revealing My Favorite Candle Suppliers

Egg Production with Urban Chickens: How to Raise Chickens in Your Backyard 

A Book of Dog Breeds For Children: They’re All Dogs

Alaska – Travelogue by State: Experience Both the Ordinary and Obscure Book (Exploring America Series)

A Pioneer Girl Learns to Cook: Apple Pie & Biscuits

County Fair Blue Ribbon Winning Cookbook: Distinctive Cake Recipes 

Make Condiments from Scratch: Fabulous Recipes for Fresh Flavors and Healthier Lifestyles

Open a Profitable Home Business Crafting Beautiful 3D Picture Frames

County Fair Blue Ribbon Winning Pie Cookbook: Proven Enticing Pie Recipe Winners

Children Book Emma’s Birthday: Learning to Be Gracious