How To Write An Excellent Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay allows the writer to create a clear picture of an item or a person in writings. The writer uses strong words to capture the five senses of the reader. Through the writings, the reader can visualize and get the real picture of the subject under discussion. If the reader can get a feeling that he/she has met the real person in the subject, then the writer has done an excellent job.

The article will be highlighting the best ways of writing an excellent descriptive essay.

The Top Five Guide On Descriptive Essay Writing

Writing an excellent descriptive essay takes time and commitment. The following are the proven steps for having an excellent descriptive essay.

  1. Prewriting

    Prewriting is the first step in descriptive essay wring. The writer thinks of the topic to write about. Students should think about what, who they wish to write about, and why they need to write about the subject. The topic should be unique.

    After choosing the topic, the student should be able to take time and think about the subject. They should find out the qualities they wish to bring out in their description. Further, they should find a detailed description of the quality they are planning to write about to give a real reflection of their subject. Reflect on the place and a person you want to write about to evoke your feelings.

    Use your memory to create ideas from your thinking on the subject and put the content on paper in a sequential manner.

  2. Drafting your essay

    When writing your descriptive essay, understand that you are aiming at creating captivating content. Ensure that your content can show how the subject under description looks like rather than telling the reader what it is. Evoke the touch, sight, smell, and taste senses of the reader in your story. write to ensure that the reader can touch the table, hear the song, see the sunset, and taste the pizza

  3. Revise your essay

    In the revision phase, the student goes through the draft intending to make the best out of it. The student should modify the content removing the objectionable content and polishing the remaining writing to produce the best. When revising the draft, the student should ensure the essay meets the following criteria:

    • It unfolds in a manner that allows the reader to appreciate the content in totality.
    • The figurative language and word choices evoke the five senses of the reader.
    • Provide enough information about the subject to help the reader picture the item or place under description.
    • The is a connection between the description and its meaning in the reader's mind.
    • Write with a reader in mind. Ensure that your essay is precise and general to help the reader the image in mind.
  4. Edit your essay

    Editing is the phase where the writer improves the clarity and style of the essay. The student should go through the work correcting grammatical errors. Clear out any cliché in the contents and watch on your adverbs and adjectives. Share the content with your best friend to spot and clear out errors from a new perspective.

  5. Publish your essay

    Every writer is sensitive to his/her content. However, the vital thing to do as a student is to share the entire content with the whole class. Get feedback for them so that you can further improve your content.

A descriptive essay must capture all the five senses of the reader. Apart from correcting the grammatical mistake in the article, ensure the choice of words guarantees a great sense of humor month the readers. Use the tips to get hold of the reader's concentration and allow them to feel and experience reality through your writings.