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Host the Best Picnics Ever! Create Memorable Moments Outdoors Book

Host The Best Picnics Ever

Host the Best Picnics Ever!: Create Memorable Moments Outdoors

Most folks love eating and love their outdoors! Combine the two, and it’s special!…IF you have a plan.

Host the Best Picnic Ever is a simple. yet complete guide to mastering the art of picnicking. Whether it’s a romantic escape for two on the beach or a full-blown family outing at the local park, we ensure that you have the perfect spot, the perfect food, the perfect strategy, and not a cloud in the sky (not guaranteed)!

After all, you don’t want to end up with spoiled food, a bug invasion, and a minivan full of grouchy kids! Or how about a first kiss that ends up with a helicopter airlift?  Of course not!

If you’re going to tackle the great outdoors, make a meal of it!

Host the Best Picnic Ever is your go-to guide for a perfect picnic every time.

Available in paperback book or ebook formats.  If you live in the U.S. the links are below.  Outside the U.S., please go to your country’s amazon site and type in a search for this title & author.  Thank you.


Host the Best Picnic Ever Paperback Book

Host the Best Picnic Ever Ebook