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Grandpa Went to Heaven – Children’s Book

Grandpa Went to Heaven

Grandpa Went to Heaven

This children’s book is written from a Christian perspective for very young children who have lost a loved one. What do you tell a young child who has lost a loved one and is grieving?

Children are so concrete in their thinking, and death can be a very difficult subject to talk about in generic terms, yet especially so in the middle of emotional pain and loss. Yet, they seek answers.

This was written as a tool to assist parents and loved ones to help children process death, grief and bereavement. It has beautiful images and acknowledges the sadness of grief, yet also offers hope and comfort as well.

There is a foreword section to parents in the e-book with suggestions to help their children through this very painful time, and tips to customize the book to their specific circumstances, including other loved ones besides a grandpa.

This is available in paperback or ebook formats as well as some foreign languages.  If you live in the U.S. please use the links below.  If outside of the U.S. please go to your country’s amazon site and do a search for this title and author.  Thank you.

Grandpa Goes to Heaven Paperback Book

Grandpa Goes to Heaven Ebook

El Abuelo Se Fue Al Cielo (Spanish Edition) Ebook

Opa Wohnt Jetzt Im Himmel (German Edition) Ebook

O Avô Foi Para O Céu (Portuguese Edition) Ebook