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Dairy Free & Gluten Free Foods: 40 Delicious Recipes for Your Health

Dairy Free & Gluten Free Foods

Dairy Free & Gluten Free Foods:: 40 Delicious Recipes for Your Health

Being on both a gluten free and dairy free diet can be a real challenge, I know because I’m there myself due to food allergies.  Here’s a collection of 40 delicious recipes that are both gluten free & dairy free.  There are 20 main dish recipes, 10 soups, and 10 desserts.  These are great tasting, and may prove to be some mainstays in your food lifestyle.
I accidentally found my dairy allergy when I thought I was developing arthritis, in my case, when I went dairy free, in 3 weeks I was 100% pain free.  I had never heard of an arthritis / dairy connection, and even now, if I eat even 1 piece of cheese, the next day my joints hurt all over.  If you suffer from arthritis, consider trying a dairy free diet for 60 days, and see how your pain levels are effected (if at all).  This book gives some delicious alternatives!
This is available in paperback, ebook and some foreign language formats.  Links are below if you live in the U.S.   If you live outside the U.S, please go to your country’s amazon site and type in a search for this book and author.  Thank you!
Dairy Free and Gluten Free Foods Paperback Book
Dairy Free and Gluten Free Foods Paperback Ebook
Ricette Senza Latticini Né Glutine – 40 Deliziose Ricette Per La Vostra Salute (Italian Edition) Ebook
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